Residential Inspection

  • Buyer and seller Inspections

  • 4 and 5 point Inspections

  • Walk Through Inspections

  • New Construction

  • Reinspections

  • Wood-destroying organisms

  • Home Energy Inspection


Commercial Inspection

  • Warehouses

  • Multi-Unit  and Apartment Buildings

  • Light Commercial

  • Restaurants/Convenience Stores

  • Retail

  • Office Space

Ancillary Services

  • Home/Property Preservation

  • Winterization

  • Well Water Testing

Coming Soon: 

  • Radon testing


About US

Methodical. Diligent. Expert

Because you trust your inspection is methodical, diligent and expertly performed, you trust Midland & Associates Home Inspections, LLC. Midland & Associates is a locally owned and operated State Licensed company that provides any Illinois resident with a number of inspection services. 
With over 18 years of combined experience and education, and over 1 Billion dollars of real estate inspected in Central Illinois,  Midland's Inspectors are proud to offer you a distinctive client-service model and trade excellence unmatched by any other Inspector.  We know you have a choice and we thank you for continuing to choose us.


Get to Know Us

Zach is Co-founder of Midland & Associates Home Inspections.  He boasts over 5 years in the trade and is a Certified and Licensed Inspector for the State of Illinois. Zach is currently pursuing certification for Certified Master Inspector.

Jordan Co-founded Midland & Associates Homes Inspections, LLC over 5 years ago. He is an active, accomplished Illinois licensed Inspector. Jordan has a great reputation with colleagues and clients alike.



"Zach was absolutely amazing!  He went through the house with us with a fine tooth comb and was a fantastic advocate for the home buyer.  He was so professional, taught us a ton, spent time explaining every detail of what he saw that could be a safety hazard and he wrote us a fabulous inspection report with lots of useful information on how to keep our home in good shape.  I would use him again in an instant!  And so affordable!  He put a lot of time into the inspection (4 1/2 hours) and then I am sure lots more time on the report.  He sent it speedy delivery and spent $7 on postage just to get it to us fast!  Very awesome, very sweet guy.  He even dropped me off back at our house when my husband had to leave early with the car".


"We were very impressed with the thorough nature of your inspection. You did a very professional job. We will definitely recommend you to others".

Barbara and Gordon

"It was a complete pleasure to get to know you and to work with you. It was refreshing to see a profressional work with so much passion--you are at the top"

Herb and Sharon

"I've used Zach at Midland for pre inspecting my old house and inspecting my new. He's top notch. This guy has the heart of a teacher and won't leave until you understand every issue and the reason it's an issue. I've referred more people to him than I can count. This guy is seriously as good as they come".



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2672 S. Forrest Green Dr

Decatur, Il 62521

(217)454-5538 or (217)565-0749

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(217)454-5538 or (217)565-0749

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